Starting Methods OK

The electric motors are commanded by means of starters and the most applied are the direct, reversing starter, which works in the drive of small motors; Star triangle starter, which acts on the drive of large motors that have no load; compensating start-up that drives the big engines with load; and starting with frequency inverter, which acts in the drive of FD84000 OLP small and large motors.

Starters include protection devices such as fuse, thermal relay, circuit breaker, control devices such as buttons, contactors and timers. And there are also signaling devices, such as signal, voltmeter and ammeter.

All of these starting switches have a main circuit and a control circuit, where the main or power circuit, as it is also called, acts on the motor supply, in this way it ends up having the function of connecting the terminals and wires of the motor the power grid. In turn, the control circuit, as its name says, has the function of controlling the power circuit, thus determining when the motor can be turned on or off.

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