Operating Basics

Some actions that directly operate in the world of electric motors that everyone should know what they are and what they serve, and this should be considered in order to ensure the improvement of performance and extend its useful life. Among these procedures is balancing, which basically consists of a procedure whereby the mass distribution of a body is accounted for and, if necessary, is also adequate to warrant that residual imbalance or vibrations and forces in the bearings in the frequency of mechanical rotation, and within the limits specified in the international standards.

The balancing intensity has the important task of recommending the peak amplitude of the vibration velocity, which will be reported in mm / s, of a rotor that rotates freely in space, being a specific unbalance item and the rotor angular velocity at maximum speed of operation.          3B58SD Browning

The grounded part is metal parts electrically connected to the grounding system and the live part is incident on a conductor or a conductive part, which is to be energized in normal use and may include the neutral conductor.


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