Motor Storage

In the case of electric motors that will not be used soon, they must be stored in appropriate environments, such as dry places with an average air humidity of 60%, with a temperature ranging between 5 ° C and 40 ° C, preserved from dust, vibrations, gases and corrosive agents.

Engines that have heating resistance must be energized whenever the engine is not operating. This is also useful for cases where the engine is already installed but not used for a long time. In these situations, depending on the ambient conditions, water condensation may occur inside the engine, which may result in the insulation resistance being reduced.    reelcraft D8800 OLP

Engines must be carefully stored in such a way that drainage is facilitated. The heating elements must never be energized when the engine is running.

Electric motors need to be kept at constant temperature and in the original position, preventing any object from being supported on them. Remove the pulleys from the shaft end and keep them free and with protective grease to prevent corrosion.